How to Buy credits:

To buy credits, all you need to do is click on the account link on the user logged in menu which bears your username,and a sub menu which says buy credits would appear as you click the account link on the user logged in menu, then you click the buy credits link that appears. After clicking the buy credits link, the buy credits page would appear then you enter the amount of credits you wish to buy(from 100blu-credits and above) and click buy, you would then get redirected to the paystack payment page where you enter your card details,pay by bank or through the Gtb ussd short code, after paying, you get the payment successful message on the paystack page, you the wait and get redirected to the thank you page on our site, then the account page and then the blu-credits page where you would receive the blu-credit crediting notification.

How to Subscribe a channel

Subscribing a channel gives you unlimited access to all videos in a channel for a month. When you subscribe to a channel, you don't get charged per view like other unsubscribed viewers. To subscribe a channel, you click on the name of the author of any video(this name appear below the channel name) and you will be directed to the author's public profile, then you click on the channels link on the author's public profile and you would see the channels created by the author and you click the subscribe button below any channel name you wish to subscribe to and wait till the button changes to subscribed(a 100blu-credits charge applies to each subscription).

How to upload videos:

To upload videos, you login and click the account link in the user logged in menu which is the menu bearing your username. Then you would see the accounts page, you then click on the videos link on your account page and you would see a listing of your videos and the video upload button on top of the page, click the video upload button and select a channel and category, enter the video title, select the video thumbnail file(optional), select the video file you wish to upload(mp4,3gp,ogg allowed) and click the upload button below the form and wait for the page to load and you would see your video file and thumbnail.

How to upload profile picture:

To upload user profile picture you click on the logged in user profile which bears your username(this menu is on the top left of any page on the site) and click on the account link in the menu, you would be taken to the accounts page, then you click on the arrow icon on the default profile picture and you would get a list of files on your device, you then select the image you desire and click select then you wait for your profile picture to get uploaded. You would see you profile picture after upload.

How to earn more from your videos

Posted your videos and wondering how you can earn up to a million plus on Bluclip? The answer to that question lie with you!

When posting a video post a good quality and interesting video, a content you know would attract views ers and you use a good attractive thumbnail which would tempt users to click your video. Then you do the most important thing which is share you videos, advertise your video....tell people about your video and where to get it. Get a target audience and share links to your videos. Work hard on your video and your earning margin would actually increase. Thanks.

How to share your videos on social media

Bluclip has provided a convenient platform for all users to share their videos without stress. To share your video, click on the thumbnail image of your video on the homepage, this would take to the single page of your video, below your video thumbnail on the single video page you would see buttons with Facebook, twitter,pintrest,google+ and other social media icons. Click on this icons to share your videos directly to this social medias. To share your video on instagram, click on the button with the email/message icon, this would provide you with the link to your video, copy the link and paste it in your bio on Instagram to share to your fans to watch.

The above method simply shares your videos to various social media platforms.