About Bluclip


Bluclip is a video content subscription/monetization service which was founded in the year 2018, it first made its online presence in January, 2019.

Bluclip is a media service/video content subscription service of J & C Teccnology Services Ltd. which is a company incorporated in Nigeria.

Bluclip is a video streaming service which enables video content creators and influencers monetize the interaction of their fans/viewers with their videos. Bluclip bridges the gap of costly video streaming fees by making video content streaming very affordable to even the poorest African or Nigerian.


Bluclip breaches the gap between African video content creators and video monetization through the cheapest premium video streaming rate as low as 10NGN and the best video monetization feature for free which includes:

Video Ad Monetization

This monetization feature is available only to free videos on Bluclip. A free video can be monetized when it gets 1000 unique views and is in accordance with the Bluclip ad monetization policy, by sending a monetization request. The video content owner earns 250NGN per 1000 unique views on his/her free video.


This monetization feature is only available only to premium videos on Bluclip. Viewers who are not subscribed to a video channel on Bluclip can view a premium video in that video channel at a standardized rate of 10NGN(10BC) without having to subscribe to that video channel. the content owner earns 5NGN per unsubscribed view to any of his/her premium video.

The earning chart of a premium video content owner per unsubscribed view are:

1 unsubscribed view - 5NGN(5BC)

1000 unsubscribed views - 5000NGN(5000BC)

10,000 unsubscribed views - 50,000NGN(50,000BC)

100,000 unsubscribed views - 500,000NGN(50,000BC)

1,000,000 unsubscribed views - 5,000,000NGN(5,000,000BC)

Earn per subscriber

This monetization feature is available to video channels with premium videos on Bluclip. Viewers pay 100NGN(100BC) to subscribe to the video channel of their choice for one month, this grants them access to watch all the videos in that channel as many times as they want for 30 days. The channel owner earns 50NGN(50BC) per subscriber in a month.

The earning chart of a video channel owner on Bluclip per subscriber in a month are:

1 subscriber in a month - 50NGN(50BC)

1000 subscribers in a month - 50,000NGN(50,000BC)

10,000 subscribers in a month - 500,000NGN(500,000BC)

100,000 subscribers in a month - 5,000,000NGN(5,000,000BC)

1,000,000 subscribers in a month - 50,000,000NGN(50,000,000BC)


With our commitment to make life easy for you, our withdrawal system has been designed to be stress free for you by paying your earnings directly into your bank account or Paypal account. You simply place a withdrawal request to us when your earnings is up to 5000NGN(5000BC) and above and we would approve and pay it into your provided bank account or Paypal id within seven working days.

Africa Comes First

Bluclip puts African consumers first as we offer high quality video content streaming as free and premium packages. Our premium packages are offered at the cheapest rates of 10NGN(10BC) per unsubscribed view on a premium video and a video channel subscription rate of 100NGN(100BC) per month. This enables even the poorest African to be able to stream all premium videos according to their budget.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create a video monetization platform friendly to African upcoming and talented  video content creator to groom them to limelight, to give African content creators a voice in the World and a steady/easy means of income, encouraging them to be better.

Our mission

Our mission and vision is to bring online video content streaming to the door steps of all African countries and also to make video content streaming available to all Africans at a very affordable rate which can be easily afforded by the poorest African with a smart phone. We do hope to encourage paid video streaming at an all African affordable rate for all African and international contents as we carve a niche for all Africans in the tech world.