About Bluclip

Bluclip is a video streaming service based in Nigeria, Africa. It was founded in the year 2018 and made its first online presence in January, 2019. It is a media service of J&C Technology Services Ltd. which is an incorporated company based in Nigeria which was incorporated in the year 2019 by the Nigerian Corporate Affairs commission. Bluclip is a property and registered trademark of J&C Technology Services Ltd. and its technology is licensed exclusively to the above mentioned incorporated body. Its service is based in Nigeria.

Bluclip provides a complete video streaming solution to video content creators and those in the entertainment industry, it provides a comprehensive video monetization solution for video bloggers and video content creators. Bluclip comprehensive video streaming services includes:

Live streaming service:

Owners of video channels on Bluclip can live stream their events, shows, concerts and reality TV shows on Bluclip to their channel subscribers. Bluclip provides the option for channel owners to save their live stream videos which when saved can be available to non-subscribers at a pay per view cost of 10bluc-credits(BC) which is equivalent to 10Naira. Live streamed videos are only available to the current subscribers of that channel, only those subscribed to a video channel can view the live stream video as it is live streamed. Non-subscribed users can only access the live streamed videos after the live stream has ended that is if the author chooses to store and display the video to his/her channel.

Contents that can be live streamed include but not limited to:

TV shows, reality TV shows, concerts, performances, carnivals, sports, shows, events/ceremonies e.t.c.

The live streaming service is available to all channel owners for free.

Earn per view:

Bluclip provides a comprehensive earn per view solution to all of its video content authors as we give them an equal chance to start their own mobile TV channels. The earn per view solution was designed by us to enable users who cannot afford to subscribe to a video channel to pay and have just one view of any of their favourite videos on that channel and also to enable the content owners of that video content to earn from that user. The amount earned per unsubscribed view is 5BC(5Naira) and if the user after the first view decides to watch that video a second time that user would still have to pay again and the content owners earns again from that same user. Bluclip has a transparent Wallet system which notifies an author each time he/she earns from an unsubscribed view and also credits the said amount to the authors credit balance which can be withdrawn as real cash by the author anytime he/she chooses into his/her bank account. This feature is also available to all channels owners with premium video content and only applies to premium videos.

Earn per subscriber:

Bluclip provides an earn per subscriber feature which enables content owners to earn from users and fans who subscribe to their video channel. This feature enables users to pay stipulated fee which gives them unlimited access to all the videos uploaded to a particular channel for a whole month. The user can watch any video in that channel as many times as he/she wants for a whole month. The content owners earns 50BC(50Naira) per each monthly subscriber. The content/channel owner is notified each time a user subscribes to his/her video channel and the earning would be credited to his/her credit balance which can be withdrawn by him/her into his/her bank account anytime they choose to. This feature is available to all channel owners on Bluclip and works best for video channels with premium video contents on Bluclip.

Earn through ads for free videos(earn per 1000 unique views)

Bluclip also provides an earning feature for users want to make their videos free to all and do not want to charge for their videos. This solution enables owners of free video contents to earn through ads on Bluclip, the content owners are paid per 1500 Naira per 1000 unique views on his/her video after their video content is approved for video ad monetization. The user can also order for their ad revenue withdrawal once its up to 15000Naira and the revenue earned by their video would be paid into their bank accounts by Bluclip. The unique views is determined by an analytics service and it is used by Bluclip to calculate how many unique views your video has. This would be made known to a user on request of withdrawal of video ad revenue.

Our payout:

Withdrawal request are processed and paid into the bank accounts provided by content owners within seven working days from the time of sending the withdrawal request. All blu-credits earnings are converted into naira at a rate of 1BC = 1Naira. So all you have to do is just remove the Bc suffix of your credit balance and add naira.

Our mission

Our mission and vision is to bring online video content streaming to the door steps of all African countries and also to make video content streaming available to all Africans at a very affordable rate which can be easily afforded by the poorest African with a smart phone. We do hope to encourage paid video streaming at an all African affordable rate for all African and international contents as we carve a niche for all Africans in the tech world.