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About Us

Bluclip is a free and commercial video streaming service based in Nigeria, Africa. It was founded in the year 2017 and made its first online presence in January, 2019. Its services covers the whole of Africa though the service is based in Nigeria.

Bluclip offers a commercial video streaming service for video bloggers, comedians, movie producers, music artistes, dancers and a lot of quality video content producers and marketers. We provide a standing solution for video streaming which enables each video author earn 4 credits(4 Naira) per view of his/her quality video content. We also offer the subscription solution for all channel owners of Bluclip to earn 40 credits(40 Naira) per each subscriber every one month.

All credit transactions on this service is processed in the background by our Blu-credits wallet system, this system is our credit banking system which manages the funds earned by our various clients and also processes their withdrawal requests within seven working days.

Bluclip also offers various entertainment and educative video content to our users at a 10 credit cost per view. This video includes but not limited to; various tutorial videos, music videos, movie series, comedy skits, dance videos and other quality video content. We prioritize the entertainment of our users at a highly affordable cost. Channel subscribers on Bluclip are offered an unlimited acess to all the videos in the channel they subscribed to for a period of one month, this subscribers do not have to pay the pay per view cost of 4 credits as is with the unsubscribed viewers. The Bluclip service is here to encourage all entertainers and video content marketers buy providing a platform where they can stream their video content and earn reasonable profits from it. The Bluclip service also bridges the gap between upcoming quality video content marketers and a good commercial video stream platform, this provides a good platform for all upcoming movie producers to earn from their movie series without having to meet certain popularity requirements which would make it difficult for them to thrive, the service also provides a good platform for all comedians, musicians, dancers and online teachers to earn from the view of their quality entertaining and educating videos. We offer the commercial video streaming service for free for all levels of video content marketers which breaches the gap between the upcoming and already established video content marketers and also gives every video content dealer access to stream their video content without any financial constraint.


Buy credits feature:

Bluclip enables users all around the World stream the commercial video contents on Bluclip with the buy credits feature. Users can purchase Blu-credits using real cash from any part of the world using their credit cards and then use the Blu-credits to view a video or subscribe to a channel.

Pay Per Unsubscribed View:And Earn Per Unsubscribed View:

Buclip offers a pay per unsubscribed view service for all video contents streamed on Bluclip. The standard pay per unsubscribed view charge for each video on Bluclip is 10blu-credits. Also, we offer the author of a quality video content our earn per unsubscribed view feature for free. As each video author is entitled to an earning of 4blu-credits for each unsubscribed view of his/her video content. The pay per unsubscribed view charge applies only to unsubscribed viewers who are not currently subscribed to the channel which contains the video content they intend viewing. This pay per unsubscribed view feature and earn per unsubscribed view feature enables all Bluclip users to stream their video content all over the world and be able to earn from it.

Earn Per Monthly Subscriber and Monthly Sbuscribing Feature:

Bluclip offers a subscription service to all users of the Bluclip service to subscribe to any channel of their choice at a cost of 100blu-credits per channel. This said subscription gives a subscribed user unlimited acess to all video contents in a channel he/she is subscribed to for a period of one month. The feature also enables the author of a channel earn 40blu-credits per each monthly susbcriber to his/her channel.

Withdraw Credits Feature:

The withdraw credits feature is offered only to channel and video authors who have earned a minimum of 500blu-credits on Bluclip. Video authors are not allowed to withdraw credits bought by them on Bluclip. This feature has a conversion system which converts the Blu-credits to real cash which is paid into the users bank or paypal account with the period of seven working days. This feature enables Bluclip video content authors all over the world a platform to earn from viewers of their video content all over the world.

Free Video Content Streaming

Bluclip offers an option to make your videos free or paid. The free video types do not attract any earning per view or subscriber. Free videos on bluclip can earn through paid ads when they reach up to 5000 views and above. When the reach the required view threshold the video gets monetized via video ads and a speculated percentage is paid to the owners of that video.